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First Cut Development, Website Design, Process Designing, Go To Market Strategy, Client Development, Explainer Video Development, Marketing Automation


AboutThe Client

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What is SenPiper App

Realtime integration of first-line workforce of large organizations

  • Reliable, structured and Secure Platform
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for future
  • Real-time analytics for generating dashboards including graphs based for Managers
  • Analytics to further support report generation and auto-mailing

Advantages Of SenPiper

  • Seamless communication
  • Smart Agile Micro ERP : Your personalized ERP system.
  • Customized reporting and communicating group
  • Smart multimedia enabled form Real time and location capturing enabled
  • Real time analysis and alerts.
  • No paper/No laptop/ No web browser Data collection anywhere and everywhere with just a smart phone.
  • Extending power of your system to grassroot : Lightweight ERP/CRM clients which can be enabled in mins.
  • Forget email : share discuss and improvise with our file sharing and commenting feature which can be synced to your email for record keeping.
  • Plan your life : Sync events with your calendar and task list.

Cyber Avatars still is Marketing and Business Development Partner for SenPiper.


About this project

Gaurav Sengar Started this project on 2015 with Cyber Avatars as first-cut development partner. After successful delivery of first-cut Cyber Avatars shifted human resources and expertise to his in-house team.

We are Marketing Partner and Web Designing Partner with SenPiper

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