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The Web Design Industry



The growth of this industry is humungous; Over the years it has grown almost by 30%. The web has become a tool for communicating, interaction and the growth of businesses.

The growth of this industry can be attributed to the use of people of this medium as a business tool to sell their goods or services. Advertising on the web is also a large-scale industry, as advertisements in some form or another are available on every other page of a website. This World Wide Web is also used to offer advice on various products and services. With so many avenues available to business houses, advertisers, marketers and individuals, it is a stupidity to pass an opportunity such as the World Wide Web.

The growth of this industry is spurred by the growth of large businesses trying to push their products and services to consumers and net users.

Another factor that has affected this growth is the decline of costs for creating and managing a website. The days when website creation was an expensive affair are gone. Nowadays, the cost of creating a site is not astronomical as it used to be. A large number of small web developers have also joined the game of web development and design industry.

The advent of e-commerce has also been a plus point to the growth of the web design and development industry. One great example of this could be the site eBay and amazon.com. These sites have changed the way people consume and buy or transact goods.

The evolution of new tools of web design have also made web design an easier process than it was before hand. The World Wide Web is a large tool for expansion for businesses and companies. It is a cheap method of communication and has become a part of the everyday lives of millions.


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