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Today's Technology in Website Building Software



In the past few years, the internet has seen the rise of many technologies that have completely changed how people access and use the world wide web.

There are Social Networking Sites that have added a new meaning to the word community. There is a new technology know as XML that allows functions that were unheard of a couple years ago. Further, and some see as the largest leap yet, it is not necessary to have a computer to access the internet now!

Mobile phones are now available that come complete with fully functional web browsers and the more basic web browsers! Version 2 of the best website building software refuses to be left in the past.

With every new technology that emerges, you can count on developers of this software to be there with updated functionality and new features to help you utilize all of these great new discoveries.

The Mobile Site Wizard

There are some mobile phones out there that come equipped with fully functional web browsers that can easily access any website on the internet. However, due to restrictions in just how much data a phone can handle, most mobile web browsers are streamlined versions of the ones we all know from our home computers.

Another great limitation is the screen size of these phones. Your website may have a layout so beautiful that its worthy of being printed on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but if your visitor is using a phone and can only see a small portion at a time, the effect is ruined.

Well, the developers of this highly regarded software thought of this and came up with an answer.

Following the design of all their other great and easy to use wizards, they now offer the Mobile Site Wizard. This simple wizard can automatically output your website in a format that is specifically designed for use with mobile phone and WAP browsers.

Now, your site's visitors can access your content from anywhere and have a great experience regardless of whether they use their home computers or their mobile phones.

Social Networking and XML

Social networking sites have taken the world by storm, counting subscribers on every continent. With so many people using this new form of networking, you have the opportunity to get new visitors and customers for your website.

Social networking tools have been built into this revolutionary software package, allowing you to insert links to your pages with the aim of them becoming viral more quickly. And do not worry, despite the way it sounds, on the web, viral is a good thing!

XML also presents great new options on the internet. This software supports XML Page Syndication that allows you to quickly create RSS feeds that you can syndicate across the web.

This feature is a great way to build traffic with your existing content, and more traffic is always good.


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